Running away and coming back


I am so busy I hardly have time to sleep. So I ran away last night and slept in my van down the beach again. It was glorious. Rose is fantastic, she packs the van with me and makes me food and helps get me out the door… Once out my heart sings! It rained on and off, so beautiful. Rose and I found a mattress on the side of the road last week so I slept on that on the back seats all laid out, and it was so warm and cosy and wonderful… I’ve found my hospital at home, my respite, my sabbatical, my quiet place. I’m committed to visiting every month. Its the most wonderful thing.

I sat in the morning and listened to The Carpet People on audio book. I made an ink painting. I wrote a few thousand words about suffering and love and what it is to be human.

Home again, happy, exhausted. I need more rest. Gearing up for a week away at training and a conference in rural SA. Life is moving fast. Nights like last night it all gets very slow for a moment, thankfully. I’m learning.


I appreciate hearing from you

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