Sorry about the thunder

Most of the winter Rose and I have been cleaning our clothes at a local laundromat and using the dryers rather than hanging them out. It’s expensive and time consuming but as we don’t have a washing machine hooked up at home, necessary. Last night I went to try and set our washing machine up in our back yard, but it was completely buried under boxes in the shed – several more hours work than I had time for. So my Mum took our dirty laundry home to clean at her place. She would hang it out to dry and I’d pick it up today around 3pm.

Cue the first rain we’ve had in weeks, ha ha. Yup, clearly our fault! So it’s 4am and I’m sleeping on the couch because there’s thunder and Zoe panics. I tried music and a light on first, but apparently the only way we’re not all going to die is if she’s curled up on my legs. The mad black and white cat Sars has also decided he doesn’t want to sleep on the porch tonight anymore so he’s here too. Rose has a job interview tomorrow so she needs her sleep. I got up to make up the couch to sleep on and Rose murmers to me “you’ll make a good Mum”. Yeah, listening to and meeting the needs – good skills to have. I’m working on it. Sweet dreams all.


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