My first gilded prints

The sun is out, the garden is in bloom. Birds are singing and someone is running a bench saw nearby. My lovely lady is rearranging the baby clothes collection. We’ve got up early and arranged for scans and prints of a number of my artworks to display and possibly even sell at the Pregnancy Loss Australia Walkathon next Sunday.

I’m currently working on creating certificates of authenticity for my two beautiful framed, hand embellished giclee print reproductions. I’ve gilded both with 23 karat gold and they look incredibly lovely. This one is going to a new home this month. I’m planning to open an Etsy store and link it to this blog in a few weeks.



And my love and I are trying to conceive. Adenomyosis is making things very hard for me and will only get worse the longer I’m off hormones – it’s been 9 months now. If circumstances were different we might wait a few months for things to settle here, but they are what they are and we have closing windows of opportunity, and big broken hearts full of love. August is done and left behind us and may September smile more sweetly on us.

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