Introducing player # 17

It’s my first game of baseball tonight. I’m really looking forward to it, although not understanding the rules means it’s going to be especially interesting. I’m on the green team with Rose. 🙂 In fact, it all made the local news – I’m in the photo on the far right at the back!

I struggled through training on Wednesday and pulled a muscle which I’ve been nursing since – Tiger balm is really good stuff for this! Cold baths (I would pull a muscle in my bum, of course) also effective although I did scream a bit more. The bruises are faded out to yellow and today I can walk without limping. Pain from playing isn’t really bothering me, I find it much more manageable than fibro pain, and much easier to ignore. Plus I feel really proud of myself.

I cried my heart out at my doctors yesterday, and she was really kind. She was also excited I’d taken up a sport. I’m thinking of picking up some gym work too to help boost my fitness and mood. Rose has been working hard at the gym and she’s going brilliantly. It’s very inspiring. 🙂 My GP echoed the same situation re my own health – take it easy and be patient. So I’m concentrating on housework and supporting Rose at her work. She wouldn’t sign off on me working or volunteering at the moment. I’m chasing some extra support around fertility and grief and so far I’ve spoken to a couple of people and found that really helpful.

I’m kind of living for the game at the moment. I look forward to it all through bad days. The teams feel really good – there’s a good vibe and lots of camaraderie which is pretty important when you’re as new and bewildered as I am. Even in the short time I’ve been practising I’ve made a big improvement which says a lot for the coaches. Go Green team. 🙂

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