8 weeks pregnant

I’ve had my last blood test for the year – HCG levels are still rising, and I’m plumping out in a way that suggests our little frog is growing well… Next week is our all important scan. This week is Christmas, which is slightly awkward considering my random food aversions and morning sickness that’s set off by eating, drinking, brushing my teeth, getting out of bed, or being in the presence of other people doing these things.

My sister is nearly ready to take her cat and dog home, they’ll be missed but I am seriously looking forward to having the extra room here. Major furniture rearrangements are being planned for next year, in which I shall likely cook brownies to thank the people doing the actual lifting of heavy things. The spare bed is going to be dismantled and I’m going to set up a study/studio space away from the pets and baby. I’m very excited about it!

Here is Barloc, he needed a big cuddle after my sister left the other night. He’s looking forward to going home for Christmas.


Every day that goes by, Rose and I breathe just a little easier. Maybe everything will be okay this time. Maybe we’ll get to enjoy some of this pregnancy and settle in to the next trimester. So far so good.

In the meantime, I have a lovely Christmas planned with several events with friends and family, all relaxed and low key. Rose and I are bringing food to each and I’m thrilled to be doing some Christmas cooking. Today I’ve baked gingernut biscuits (so I have something tummy settling to nibble on), and I’ve prepared the soft centres for my famous coconut rum truffles. Tomorrow I’ll do the macaroon base for my gluten free banoffee tart and then dip the truffles, and on Boxing day I’ll bake a pavlova. Little by little coming back to life, both us growing and waiting and hoping.

3 thoughts on “8 weeks pregnant

  1. Holding out so much hope for you! Best wishes to you, Bri and your little frog for the next few weeks – I hope you get to enjoy some good times on your own terms.


  2. Lovely ladies I am enamoured by your travel s thru this pregnancy my beloved and I wait with baited breath as each passing week comes and goes and good vibes follow you. Much love to you all


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