12 week scan went brilliantly!

Everything was fantastic. We got to watch the cutest, wriggliest little froggie ever while the lovely ultrasound lady took measurements and tracked their growth. Everything was spot on; they had fluid in their bladder which means their kidneys are working, the umbilical cord has the correct three vessels, we even got to see through the top of their little head and the little walnut brain in there. Wow.



They moved around so much it wasn’t easy to get measurements and I had to keep wriggling my hips or laughing to jiggle them into a new position – the laughing wasn’t hard, Rose and I are euphoric. It was incredible to see such detail – watching them open and close their mouth, wave their arms, curl their fingers around their face. Their heartbeat was strong and fast, 153 beats per minute. Everything is going exactly as it should. Everything’s okay. 🙂

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