13 weeks pregnant

I’m 13 weeks pregnant and starting to have much better days between the bad ones, which is tremendously exciting. I’ve withdrawn from my Childcare Cert 3 as I am missing immunity to parvo and just don’t feel comfortable being around kids with all the illnesses while I’m pregnant. Fortunately Rose has immunity to everything so she can’t bring home anything dangerous. So it’s full steam ahead for her.

We have a new house guest this week, which was rather unexpected. A teen needing a place to stay turned up a few days before we were about to dismantle the bed in our second room, so the timing has been fortuitous! We’re not sure at this stage how long this arrangement will be so we’re preparing a little for all eventualities and keeping an open mind. We’re a bit startled to say the least, but the teen in question is lovely so there’s been fun times between extra admin and driving around. We’re adjusting as quickly as possible and tomorrow is their first day at a new school! Life is just full of curve balls.

Today was a marvellous day off and I celebrated by cooking pancakes for breakfast after a good sleep in. The warm weather and rain storms have been good to our garden and it’s full of life. Rose and I got our hands into some soil weeding and planting some new annuals in our strawberry patch. We also bought a white mulberry tree for the back yard! Once it’s bigger I think it will make a perfect living cubby house. I remember wonderful afternoons spent reading in the shade of a mulberry tree as a young person. 🙂 Life is rather wonderful.


Our gorgeous hollyhocks that self seed through the garden


My favourite colour hollyhocks


French lavender growing rampant


Princess Liliies




The new patch of annuals

One thought on “13 weeks pregnant

  1. just to say hi – I should not even be here but working on my court files – a different kind of night: in 11 hrs I’ll be on the train to Court. Had a lovely surprise phone call today, my character witness (incredible that he even wrote that!) is coming along for the ride) and further statements as needed. Wow – all the rejection of legal support, and now I have 2 people supporting me from the heart – the first one being a trade unionist who volunteers in her free time as I don’t have official representation from a Union due to status as a business owner. I feel under-prepared, overwhelmed by the bundle and yet – upright.
    Take care!


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