My Artbooks have arrived!


Here they are, all ready for my launch. They are lovely! Full colour, high gloss, very beautiful. I’m into the final preparations for the exhibition side of things. The last custom frames will be finished this week, and all the prints are in.

I’m sick with a sinus infection, bad fibro pain and very irritated skin. Rose is down too, she started with a sinus infection and tonsillitis, but today it’s developed into a chest infection and the tonsillitis has gone bacterial and nasty. So we’re both pretty miserable!

I’ve only got a couple more weeks before everything needs to be finished and ready to hang. The last key orders for custom sized matting for the embellished works need to be put in this week, so I’ll be home for the next while, covered in gold fragments and sizing while I get them all finished. I’m gilding the tenth work tonight before bed. It’s a relief to see it coming together.

2016-04-05 22.31.39-1

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