Rainbows in the morning



It’s beautiful here. I slept without meds and woke early after a sad dream. Last night I changed the bed to winter bedding, warm flannel sheets, my electric blanket, and Rose got the winter quilt with my favourite rainbow cover out of storage. It was a gift from her, I love it, so bright and warm. The morning sun streams in this window and I can hear cars and birds singing. My lovely girls are up and getting ready for their day, our baby is dancing inside me.

Rose and I have a wonderful date night planned as our teen – she’s chosen the nickname Star for this blog, will be away tonight and these days date nights are precious! I used to show my love for Rose by packing a picnic dinner and taking her to the beach to watch the moonrise… Now more often it’s by sorting the bills out and doing three loads of laundry. It’s not quite the same… I miss dining and dating my lovely lady. Cuddled up to her this morning while my tears dried, I felt my heart swell with love. We had a counselling session yesterday that went so well, I felt like a huge weight of black fear lifted off my heart and the light is shining through again. I adore my family, we are making something very special between us.

I’ve lost a couple of weeks of preparation time for my exhibition which is hard, but I’m finally starting to feel just better enough to be able to tackle some of the tasks again… Last night I framed all the gilded prints that are ready to go, and they look beautiful. Today I’ll be working on price lists and paperwork that needs to happen – no matter how beautiful and creative the project there is a lot of non creative background work that has to happen to make it all shine!


Yesterday Rose and Star gave me this lovely little rainbow dragon to say thank you for the work I’ve been doing and admin I’ve taken on for our family. Aw man, there’s nothing quite as soothing to the soul as appreciation. 🙂 Life has been such hard work lately, but it is pretty amazing to see what we’re creating. The sheer misery of illness is starting to fall behind me, and while we’re waiting for things to break – for Rose to get work, or welfare to finally get sorted out, and so many other important things that are squeezing us all badly – there are still thankfully, days like this. Mornings with rainbows. ❤

I appreciate hearing from you

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