Following up Waiting for You

I’ve been working on filling the art orders from the opening night of my exhibition Waiting for You. The exhibition is only open for another 7 viewing days (Mon – Fri 4-6pm), so if you haven’t made it in yet you’d best get your skates on!

I delivered this beautiful notebook today to a lovely person who was at the opening and particularly fell in love with this artwork. I ordered it in especially and was really happy with how it turned out on this blank notebook, just beautiful. 🙂

2016-05-09 20.24.13

Of the prints I’ve had ordered for embellishment – in this case the customer asked for a print to be made much larger than the original so they could see the tiny details better. This is about 1 and a half times larger and it’s stunning. If I’m able to hold this exhibition again I think I will display this artwork at this size instead. I’m planning to do all my embellishing of prints tomorrow so that I can send the prints that need it in for framing next. Everything is on track to be ready by the close of the exhibition on May 20th.


I’ve also created a keepsake for the exhibition, this little booklet. It’s free, on display at the exhibition (or I can send you one). It contains a short biography, description of the origin of the exhibition, price lists of the art, information about the artbook Mourning the Unborn, and links to Sands and other online resources.

2016-04-29 15.14.56

2016-04-29 15.15.29

I’ve also placed free brochures for Sands on display by the exhibition for guests. There’s also a little visitors book for people to leave thoughts and messages.

2016-04-29 16.46.13

2016-04-29 16.46.27

2 thoughts on “Following up Waiting for You

  1. Hi. I’m going to be ordering your book soon off of Etsy – finally got extra cash set aside for it, yay! Would you mind sending me a keepsake booklet along with it? I’d like to have one to go with the book. Thanks a bunch!! Btw, I also love love love the drawing of the cat and the person, I’m assuming it’s you (?) on the bed. That one really struck a cord in me, most likely because I’m so close to my cat. I almost ordered that also but lack of funds right now, but maybe in the future I can afford to get one, if you still have any left later? Very lovely and talented artwork. Well done! 🙂

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