Rose and I are away on a Babymoon arranged by a best friend. It feels like I’ve lived a thousand lives since this morning. She drove to me to work today, I delivered a talk about living with chronic pain to a carers group in Murray Bridge. It was a wonderful experience to share hope and resources and validation. I came away bubbling with joy about the positive feedback and that glorious sense of doing some good in the world. We drove off through the rain, eating hot donuts and talking about pain and caring and life and art…

We’re staying at a little BnB in the hills with a gorgeous garden, in the dark it’s lit with lamps that catch the raindrops like tiny fairy lights through the trees. We’ve sat by the fire and soaked up the warmth, and curled up in the spa together, and eaten cheese and chocolates for dinner and drunk non alcoholic bubbles. We’ve laughed about good times and talked about bad times and got teary and held each other and watched the baby moving under my skin. In our world of no time here, time suddenly moves glacial slow and moods shift like seasons spinning around us. We are here, on the cusp of birth, with these precious hours to wonder and hope and tremble and remember who we were and how far we have come together. To watch bodies changing and rest faces against breasts we’ll soon be sharing. I go through the usual post-talk process as ecstatic energy ebbs to vulnerability and uncertainty. We talk over the phone with Star who is having a rough week; grounded once again in the role of parent, anchored in each other by our chosen bonds of love.

In the dim light, the luxurious robes hang empty against the wall. Beyond the hall the bathroom waits under its chill, smelling of honey and milk. Here we lay, waiting for sleep, for dawn, for words, for baby, waiting for our worlds to change forever, waiting hand in hand and side by side, full of joy and fear and deep love, eyes shining brightly, darkly. Arms aching for you.

2 thoughts on “Babymoon

  1. What a hypnotizing beauty…you are so strongly beautiful !
    I am deeply thankeful for having the opportunity to read what you write.
    Love from Sofia


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