Ice cream for all 

I’ve now been in early labour for a week, which is exhausting. I generally seem to have contractions overnight then everything goes quiet sometime before dawn. It’s very frustrating and I’m under pressure from the hospital to fit an induction around their schedule, which I don’t much appreciate. But Rose is taking great care of me, we’re doing acupuncture and getting physio and our doula is being very patient and supportive. It will happen at some point! (don’t bother with bringing on labour suggestions, seriously, we are doing or have done them all) 

Tonight we are off having gourmet ice  cream to celebrate Star living with us for 7 months. She’s been staying with aunts while I’ve been in early labour and we’ve stolen her back for a night because we miss her! It’s good to have a night together. 

40 weeks pregnant. Come on, little frog, we all want to meet you. 

One thought on “Ice cream for all 

  1. You look beautiful and so very happy in this photo! Seriously, you have such a glow about you right now. 🙂 Good for you for sticking with your birth plan! That little frog will come out when she’s ready to. We wish you a lovely peaceful labor and delivery. She’s one lucky little girl to be so loved and wanted already. She totally hit the parent jackpot! ❤


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