Early days 

Today I had my first breastfeed that didn’t bring tears to my eyes with pain. Hopefully we’re figuring this out. To everyone who recommended Moo Goo balm – you are absolutely right, it’s good stuff. 

Still in hospital, it’s pretty intense right now. Little frog is perfect, I feel quite broken, physically. It’s going to take me some time and TLC to recover. Rose has her hands full taking care of both of us. (not how I wanted this to be) The hospital physio has been fantastic and a huge support. And the baby cuddles are amazing. 

3 thoughts on “Early days 

  1. early days and yet you are back writing! congrats again. Your daughter looks blissful and given love and self-love you have every chance of a good recovery. With PTSD and FMS in the mix, I am not suprised you are done in – and that’s without mentioning the stitches). Allow yourself 6 weeks – and I’ll bet you’ll surprise yourself…. In the meantime sleep, sleep, sleep as you can! Warmly 0

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