Feeling Inspired 

I had a wonderful day today. Rose and Poppy and I took the bus into the city because the car seat really upsets Poppy. We attended appointments and roamed and window shopped between them. I bought a new pad of watercolour paper because I’m working on a project that’s using up a lot, and a water mixable oil paint because I’m trialling them in a couple of different brands to see if I like them and can get away from solvents completely (important in a home studio shared with small children). I’m feeling very inspired, and excited to share my project with you when it’s finished. 

Poppy was being adorably cuddly today – she’s graduated from physio for her tongue tie and is now feeding well and putting on excellent weight. Rose snapped this photo of us having a cuddle while hiding from the hail in a cafe. ❤

I’ve cleaned the house, weeded the garden, frozen breastmilk, bought paint and paper, and started a new book and a new art project. I’m as ready as I can be for major dental work tomorrow. Fingers crossed for no complications and a quick recovery! 

I appreciate hearing from you

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