Ink Painting: Gothic Rose 

I’m having a pass out miserably on the couch kind of week following more dental work. Poppy is in a wonder week and unsettled and needing extra love to get to sleep. She’s developing at a rapid pace, she’s just started rolling over on her own. It’s amazing to watch her figuring it all out. And a little bit scary. 

So, have a peek at my new ink painting. I’ve enjoyed being able to develop so much in my art lately, it’s been wonderful. I’m in the process of updating my packaging for my prints and adding some new ones to my Etsy store. I’ve also finished 20 ink paintings to illustrate a podcast I’ve recorded. Apart from the background anxiety and haunting sense of failure which sneak attacks me at times, there’s a lot of peace and contentment here. And laundry, of course. Lots and lots of laundry! 

I appreciate hearing from you

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