Nursing Poppy

Here is Poppy, enjoying a breastmilk ice block. She’s been teething on and off for a couple of weeks. 

Lying in bed nursing today I realised I’ve come full circle. I hated breastfeeding at first and found it very traumatic – to the point of having nightmares about it and crying through most feeds. Now I generally enjoy it and would miss it if it stopped. Poppy is cuddled up to my side, nursing and looking up at me with huge blue eyes. She pauses from time to time to sing to me, cooing like a bird. Sometimes she reaches out  and pats my breast. Sometimes she buries her face into it like a puppy. 

Now that it doesn’t hurt and I get thrown up on a lot less, there’s times like this where it’s quite magical. I’ve discovered that if I don’t eat any chocolate, she keeps most feeds down. If I indulge, she dumps entire feeds over both of us. I’ve no idea why but I’ve tested it twice and is definitely chocolate that upsets her. Things we have to do, ey? I’m lucky we found the support we needed to make breastfeeding work, because it was such a hard road at first and I was really unprepared for that. 

I’ve actually been working on my phobia of the media too, and talking with a local journalist about some of our experiences… We’re going to be in newspaper this weekend, so watch this space. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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