New art in my Etsy Shop


I have updated with my Etsy shop with three new artworks – The Gap, Rainbow Baby, and Feeding the Monster. It’s taken a lot of work to organise! I’ve had to sort out the prints, photograph everything, work out all the weights and postage costs for domestic and international, and so on. It’s a bit frustrating but I’m happy to have good, clear descriptions and lovely professionally presented artwork. 🙂

It’s been a tough couple of days here – Rose had her wallet stolen a couple of days ago and unfortunately the thief used all her cards to empty the accounts before we realised and blocked them. It’s been a huge rigmarole since to try and replace all the ID and other cards. Sadly the cash, gift cards for Christmas gifts, swimming multipasses and so on are gone for good, we are still hoping we might get some of our money from our accounts back once the banks have investigated. It’s horrible and demoralising.

On the lovely spirit of Christmas side of things of course we are always so lucky with our tribe who have helped out with food, loans, or gifts. I feel sad and embarrassed to think of all the people who aren’t fortunate enough to know so many kind, generous, lovely people – I’ve been there before and I know how lonely and difficult hard times can be when there’s no one to lend a hand. But I also know that being part of community means giving and receiving, and that when we set ourselves apart from other’s kindness there’s a kind of snub to it. Star was trying to pay for things from her savings and after rejecting her offer several times I realised she was hurt and frustrated, so she paid the $17 fee to get Rose’s license re-issued. We are all stronger together. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us out with practical or emotional support, my anxiety has been pretty high this week but we’ve all hung in there and we’re doing okay.

I appreciate hearing from you

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