Christmas with Kids 

… is shaping up to be everything we hoped it would be. My heart has been  doing somersaults with glee all week. I always treat this time of year as a season rather than a day, which takes a lot of the pressure off. We do several catch ups with different friends and families. A couple of weeks ago we sat down as a family and each shared something that makes it feel like Christmas for us. I wanted to bake something with cinnamon in it, Rose wanted cute clothes for Poppy, and Star wanted to see some Christmas lights. So those things we made happen and everything else was flexible. I’m learning that being a parent means letting things go and embracing what is. The goal has been to enjoy ourselves, and every time we’ve got stressed and frazzled we’ve re-jigged things to get back to that goal. It’s been wonderful. 

Poppy has finally cut her second tooth and just come out of a wonder week into a sunny few days. What delightful timing to have my happy little girl back again! 

All the new traditions! All the wonderful memories. There’s been lots of anxiety for everyone lately so we’re all in gentle mode with each other. My home is full of cuddles. Just now we’re off to our traditional Christmas Eve, games and treats with friends in front of Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Life is beautiful. ❤

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