I love my Fountain pen

I am very happy. I use a fountain pen to write poems and create my ink paintings. I bought my first when I won some prize money for a short story. It was a silver Parker and I loved it. Sadly I lost it a few years ago and bought this blue Lamy. When I decided it was time to create my ink paintings on better quality archival paper I set myself up with sheets and pads but I’ve been frustrated by the scratchiness of the pen ever since. I’ve cleaned it and tried a few different inks known for lasting down a wet line to no avail. I’ve researched other pens, more expensive pens, and fancier nibs. Everything says Lamy lays down a wet line, even on the papers I’m using. So I’ve persisted and wrestled with a slow pace to lay down an unbroken line. 

Today it occurred to me that Lamy allow for nibs to be exchanged. So I took mine off and cleaned throughly beneath it. When I put it back together I had exactly what I’ve been wanting, a good wet line even at speed. What a joy it is to use. Good tools are a wonderful thing. I couldn’t sleep recently and began the artwork on the left. I don’t know that I’ll ever understand why art is so impossible some days and so easy others. It’s a cycle I ride. I’m looking forward to seeing what I create with this next. 

I appreciate hearing from you

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