Home again, home again

Safely home from the most wonderful trip now, and back into the throes of admin. But I’ve started reading again and I’m so happy about it. 4 books on the go currently, all amazing – Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett (magnificent fiction with a physical and fantastical bent), Somebodies and Nobodies by Robert W Fuller about the essential nature of rank and the hidden abuses of rankism, The Peter Principle by Lawrence J Peter about the inevitable incompetence built into hierarchical structures, and The Brainy Bunch by Kip Harding about an unschooling approach that swaps high school for college and supports kids to follow their passions.

Today I input a years worth of income and expenses. Go me! Accountant appointment first thing tomorrow. It was good to take a real break from all this, my head is much clearer. Just have to get through everything booked into the end of this financial year and I’ll be happy as a mudlark. But for now, it’s date night and we’re off to the late movies with a sleepy baby and toddler size earphones. 😀

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