Free things

I have had an absolutely wonderful day. Rose and I took Poppy to swimming classes this morning. Then there’s been cleaning and organising, researching of paint and other art supplies online, and dinner over a movie in our tidy loungeroom. Poppy is asleep on my lap, boxes of things are away on the shed, my studio has had some loving attention, and all is right with my world.

Yesterday was tough which I expected, we were switchy and anxious and teary for lots of it, sleep deprived and happy-sad about a big work event we completed. We tried to sleep but couldn’t, got overwhelmed by work emails coming in, took Poppy to the park and just hid from all the stressful things for a bit. Today we’ve ignored everything work related and focused on home and it’s been blissful. Rose and I are watching Anne of Green Gabels (Anne with an E) on Netflix, which reminds us so much of our own childhoods as well as taking in Star unexpectedly. It’s beautiful. I see so much of our lives in it. It’s been a glorious day.

Oh, I have a few things surplus to requirements which I’m going to donate to the local op shop unless someone would like them. Free, pickup near Adelaide or cover the cost of the postage. I’ve squeezed tubes and shaken tubs to make sure they haven’t dried out, but I haven’t tested for any separation of pigment and binder so I’m not guaranteeing anything, some of these are pretty old. First in, best dressed. ❤

Update: all items gone

Used folk art artists acrylics

Small metal enameled pot. I was using it as a pen holder.

Acrylic paint set, new.

Mont marte slow drying medium for oil paint

Water based satin varnish, acrylic paints, used.

Mainly folk art paints, used

Watercolour paints new

Jo Sonja’s Retarder medium, new. Glass and tile medium, used. Decopage varnish, new.

Mainly folk art paints, used.

If you’d like something, send an email to so I know who asked for what first. x

2 thoughts on “Free things

  1. Hi
    I was talking yesterday about how we can create stress in our own enviroment. Sounds like straighting up your place has help put things within in in a more comfortable place at the moment

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    • It really does. It’s very hard to part with some treasures, but I tell myself I needed all those things when I was alone. Now I am busy and fulfilled with a family, I can let them go and concentrate on a few passions.


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