My Home Office

I’m currently looking into office and studio spaces locally. It’s been wonderful, exploring what’s around and thinking about what suits me best. There’s some beautiful places locally, some geared for women, or start ups, or collaboration. 

Working from home has been difficult but also wonderful. I love the peace in the mornings when I’m alone, access to my own kitchen for lunch, the ability to hang a load of washing between other tasks. I’m not so far away, able to move between family and work more easily.

The room in bedroom mode

Beds packed away

The room in office mode

The difficulties are that shared space is very tight, so my home office shares with my bedroom. Rose, myself, Star, and Poppy, 2 cats, plus my office, art studio, and everything associated with my networks are all in our 2 bedroom unit. And that blurry line between family and work can be a problem for someone like me. When work is available I can do far too long hours, and when I’m visibly present it’s hard for others not to call on me and eat away at my work time. 

So I’ve been touring Adelaide over the past couple of weeks, visiting available spaces and meeting interesting people for coffee. It’s been just what I need, a breath of fresh air and exposure to new people and new ideas to rejuvenate how I work. 

I’m planning a holiday down south soon, so if you have a studio, gallery, or other wonderful site I could visit, let me know! I’m gathering ideas and learning a lot for setting up my own space.  đź™‚ 

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