My Artist Residency at Shine SA

Brilliant news! I’ve just signed a one year artist in residence agreement with SHINE SA. I’ll be setting up my office in their Woodville building, introducing myself to the staff at a morning tea next week, and visiting the sites around Adelaide to say hello and scope for art hanging spaces. 

Myself and Poppy with lovely SHINE SA staff Holley and Tracey

What this means is I will be working next to Cottos, who have the best chai lattes I’ve tried anywhere. I’ll have to budget for this!

For those who don’t know, SHINE SA are our sexual health service. They are great people, and offer incredibly valuable services and resources such as counseling, education, school resources, and of course – a library. ❤ I always love a library. I’m a longtime champion of their work, and I’m thrilled to be sharing their space. I know some of the wonderful people there already, and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone else. It’s a great opportunity for mutual support and collaboration.

My new digs waiting for me to move in

So this will be what I think of as the ‘dry’ workspace. (My ‘wet’ workspace is my studio and involves paint or woodworking tools) It will house my office where I do all the admin, Skype or meet with folks, care for my networks, and do all the digital aspects of my art. 

It will be brilliant to have space and time to get a couple of big art projects I’ve had on pause, back into gear. They require good stretches of concentration which is difficult to arrange in a home office. 

At the moment I’m bouncing between feeling like taking my computer away from my house is like tearing out my heart and scattering it across the city… And feeling that I’m finding myself places in the world where I feel at home. ❤ 

9 thoughts on “My Artist Residency at Shine SA

  1. The perfect arrangement! A place for your computer and social interaction and a place for your creative stuff – it’s hard to mix the two together in the same space!


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