I’ll be speaking at TEDx

I’ve been selected for a TEDx talk in Adelaide 2017! There’s a fantastic line up of speakers, I got to meet most of them earlier this week. See the whole bunch of us announced here.


It’s brilliant, exciting, overwhelming, and my topic is personal so I’m putting thought into my supports because the highs and crashes on this one might be big.

It’s an amazing opportunity to get some ideas out there that can make a difference to people’s lives. I’m thrilled and honoured. Thinking about authenticity on a larger stage, how to create connection in a bigger setting. There’s a lot of support available and plenty to learn from previous year’s speakers. I spent this morning feeling overwhelmed by everything I wish I could have ready before the talk – my next collection of prints, my new website… And decided the best thing to do to prepare was let the rest go and focus on giving an excellent heartfelt talk. As nice as it would be to feel I have all my ducks in a row, the other projects can wait. I’m looking forward to a beautiful online gallery of my art, and restocking my Etsy shop, but all things in their time. TEDx is a bigger stage and I don’t want to fall off it. I spent this morning feeling teary and tired, this afternoon having a lovely conversation with a friendly lawyer about collaborative arts practices, and then getting ink on my fingers in my studio, and now my heart is calm and settled.

Testing a package of new ink samples

As I find that place where it’s safe to think about difficult things, I can invite others into it, and good things will happen. 🙂 Watch this space!

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