TEDx sneak peak

Today I delivered the first trial of my talk to staff at SHINE SA, who were wonderfully enthusiastic! I need to cut down the time a bit further so I’m going to drop a couple of points and work on making the remaining ones striking and simple.

I’ve begun my illustrations, which are taking quite a bit of time because I want them to be a good representation of diverse people and bodies. I have finished 4 so far. 

It took a lot of time to find the right medium and colour for this series, I love the mix of teal (Robert Oster, Tranquility) and orange (Noodler’s Habanero). Here’s my final test sheet where I found the colour mix I wanted.

3 thoughts on “TEDx sneak peak

  1. hi Sarah,
    was coming back for comment on ‘what am I about’ but can’t find that post now (broken finger today doesn’t help with keyboard) – so here goes: “… always getting deeper to clarity…” – that seems something I recognise in you. All the best 4 TED and everything!

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