Grasping opportunities

Glorious opportunity today to learn with Gemma Black, an accomplished calligraphic artist. Strengthening my watercolour and gilding skills.  

I’ve been waiting for this workshop most of this year- there’s not many opportunities to learn gilding here in SA. I was not disappointed, rather, affirmed. This method of continuing my arts education outside of a degree program is working incredibly well for me. I choose highly skilled teachers in areas I’m passionate about and take workshops and short classes. My skills are improving significantly and also my confidence in myself as an artist.

The TEDx taster and open mic in Rundle Mall went really well the other day. The talks were well received and there were some pretty fantastic contributions from the crowd too. A talk by an Iranian immigrant really spoke to me. I often feel I’m so late in figuring out my career, but here was this guy retraining in his fourties to grasp opportunities in Australia. Sometimes life takes funny roads.

There’s still time to grab a ticket if you’ve been on the fence about it. They include dinner and an after party with the speakers and organisers. If you come, find me afterwards and tell me what spoke to you!

Huge kudos to Rose who is helping me memorise my talk and has now heard it about 40,000 times. She’s amazing! ❤

I appreciate hearing from you

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