Playing with colour

Kitchen table playing while Poppy can’t sleep. Didn’t intend to paint so much, so didn’t bother with getting the perspective right. Exploring how the limited palette works with watercolours – soon I’ll be back in the studio with inks and paint…

It’s helping a lot, colour mixing has always seemed mysterious and bewildering. Complex obscure formulas. I love it when you find something that clicks with how you think. So many hues from just 6 pans of paint. Now I understand the tiny travel kits of watercolour. Pigments are so interesting, and the way the paint itself is formulated. I’m looking forward to learning more about inks.

One thought on “Playing with colour

  1. For a colour-lover,the video you embedded was fascinating. Inespecially loved from 12:20 onwards, where he discussed the simplest of rules then demonstrated how the work… Like magic!
    Awesome stuff…


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