Art book in a prison

There’s a lot going on at the moment I haven’t found the right words to share about yet, my darling Star has been in crisis. I will, but I wanted to share some things that were wonderful today.

Firstly, Poppy is recovering beautifully. ❤

She is a changed kid since the surgery to remove her 4 rotten teeth. We are thrilled. Within a couple of hours of the surgery she was eating again! The ear and throat infections are gone, the very pale face is getting colour again, and she laughs again! We missed that sound so much. It’s been a delight to watch her recover.

The other wonderful thing was today I was allowed to visit some women in a local prison and consult with them about a great project called Inside Voice, which I’m working on. I love consultation so much, it’s a real joy to listen to people’s experiences and reflect on their ideas. I took in my art book Mourning the Unborn, watercolours and a range of ideas and example styles to show them. They were a treasure trove of information which not only validated the approach we’d been planning (always a nice bonus!) but extended it with new ideas and observations that will add a great deal of value to the project in the future. They’ve chosen the style, theme, editorial approach, and illustrations that will guide the project.

I’ve nearly got everything I need now to start the next phase of Inside Voice, laying out and hand making all the content into a beautifully illustrated art book. I am just waiting on a last batch of images and then painting and sewing can begin. I’ve had my sewing machine serviced, I have new threads and extra large needles, I’ve chosen the papers, everything is ready. I am very excited about it.

2 thoughts on “Art book in a prison

  1. Sounds great Sarah.
    Everyone has a story and every story is like the stars in the sky their magic almost removes the apprehension often attatched to darkness. We all have a story and our story is worthy of the telling yet so many of us have the essence of this story ripped from our soul as our voice
    crush. Sarah l see you as the mystery Cheif you enter into life’s kitchen. You survey the offerings before you and they invite those around to help mix them together with the skills of love compassion and empathy. The outcome is an experience worthy of celebration.
    You listen to these woman’s stories and by such a simple act validate them.
    When your book is complete may you all find your own place to rest.
    Skye does not know me but from your words her inner beauty reaches out. It may mean little but she too has a magical star attatched to her story its just that the sky is over caste and all seems hollow. The sky will clear and her true worth shall emerge. We see her worth and value her being she just has to find a way to be able to sit with herself and accept the beauty within.
    If you think this will have a positive effect on skye then lm happy with you sharing it but l will let you sit with that. It is your choice


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