Ink Painting: The Aching Tides

I made a little time this week for some of my own art, to ease a painful day. Star is having a tough week, and Rose and I went to a friend’s funeral too. There’s been a lot of big, sad conversations happening.

This was made with a single colour ink, brushes, and a flex nib dip pen on Arches hot press 300gsm paper.

It’s been very peaceful to be in the studio so much now my handmade book for prisoners is at that stage. Today Rose took both girls to the botanic garden with gumboots and umbrellas and I did some more sewing and painting at the studio. The physical pages are almost complete, next I will be back in my office for the digital work. My next projects are restlessly waiting for me, which is a good place to be.

2 thoughts on “Ink Painting: The Aching Tides

  1. I wondered if I could talk to you about your people? I have people too and we are all curious to understand with your people who is who so when we read your blog we don’t get confused…:)
    I am not sure how to give you my email without posting it publicly….maybe you know of a way?


  2. Thank you for sharing. I have been inspired to start creating a book @ writing./ working with color etc. I find this is helpful ,in working with @ walking with emotional wounding @ life challenges we face. I send warm love @ gentle hugs to you @ you’re tribe.


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