Damn gallbladder

Hanging out in the ER again tonight, incredibly lucky to have good support from staff and friends and family. I’m poked full of holes and apparently a vampire’s nightmare but feeling much better than I was a few hours ago.

Image is of a white woman with short brown hair and a wry expression, in a hospital bed

I concluded my casual position providing support to NDIS recipients with Uniting SA today, which I would probably have more feelings about if I hadn’t started having a gallbladder attack in the middle of my last meeting! I loved the work a great deal and will miss the team.

I’m continuing working with TACSI in their chronic illness project and finding it grueling but incredible. My studies are also going well, my current class is about policy advocacy which I have adored. We had a 5,000wd group assignment recently graded at HD which was satisfying.

I’ve decided to take things slower during September and give myself some rest and recovery time. I’m reading some great books and looking forward to more studio and family time. Frankly right now I’d be happy with a week on the couch in front of Netflix!

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