Sashiko and visible mending

Image description a child’s long sleeve purple top, with a round green floral patch in the middle of the back, sewn on with many lines of blue stitches that radiate out from the patch. To the right is a small box of sewing supplies.

I’m healing well from the gallbladder removal. I’ve been hand sewing while recovering. This technique is called Sashiko, a Japanese form of embellishment or mending. I love visible mending, it’s a beautiful way to extend the life of garments and reduce waste. The little shirt above is Poppy’s and had a hole at the back. Below are some jeans I bought from a local op shop which are comfortable but not a colour I like to wear. It’s a very wabi sabi approach to consider imperfect and transient things to have great beauty, and to take an older, damaged article and elevate it through care and love to be considered more valuable than a brand new one. I find the concepts deeply soothing.

Embellishments also help me to see garments differently, they take on more detailed form beyond their use as clothes. I begin to appreciate the fabric itself, colors and patterns, the cut, and quality of the stitches. Not having to mend clothes is a luxury, which means when I do it’s pleasurable. I am not volunteering for anyone else’s mending however!

Image description a pair of pink 3/4 leg jeans, with two embellishments, one at the knee and one at the hem.
Image description a closer image of the knee embellishment. A circle of navy blue denim has been covered in many lines of thick white stitches covering a much larger square of fabric.
Image description a closer photo of the hem embellishment. A light and dark blue denim are patched overlapping with a rectangle of white and light blue batik cotton. A repeating circular pattern of stitches in red is binding them all together.

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