Support Worker needed for Northern Adelaide

I am hiring to build up the team of a lady in the Northern suburbs. I can offer between 8 and 20 hours a week, happy to onboard 2 people for around 10 or with an eye to increasing up and adding other clients once they’ve settled in. Our work is relationship based so onboarding is a gradual process not a sudden diary full of clients.

Male staff are particularly suited to this client, if they are keen on gym, sports, and working out that’s ideal. There’s 2 other staff on her team already who will provide support. Due to mental health issues this client is always supported with 2 staff rostered together. Staff assist with domestic tasks such as cleaning, small scale gardening, and cooking, with transport to appointments, managing admin such as mail and appts, and providing companionship and help to access community. You’ll need to be comfortable with people with mental health challenges and have a friendly and patient disposition.

More info here on How my Teams Work and the Requirements of the Role.

I’m hiring again, so please get in touch if you feel you’d be a good fit, or to ask questions. Please contact me via email or chat using FB or discord, not phone. Please be human and give me some real info I can engage with not just a resume or list of qualifications. I’m far more interested in your values than your training.

I appreciate hearing from you

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