Art for Loss and Healing

Loss can take words from us, we often struggle to express how profoundly our life has changed, to find ways to recognise and honour our grief, and to connect with our friends and family. Art can help us to heal.

I am experienced being with someone in a vulnerable emotional time. I have supported people who are caring for a family member with terminal illness, grieving a loss due to murder or suicide, and coming to terms with miscarriage.  Sit peacefully with a caring peer while your art is created.

I am also available to offer lasting mementos at funerals and wakes. You can let people choose what they want or ask me to offer something specific such as painting in a favourite colour, writing their name, or offering butterflies if they were a special symbol.

This was a commissioned ink painting created for a woman with a trauma history who wished to have an artwork that represented peace.

This was a henna glove design for a woman’s who’s friend passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. We made all the arrangements over email and sat in a garden together to create the design three days before the funeral.

Henna Lee & Jan w

These beautiful henna designs are of ‘angel babies’, commemorating pregnancy loss. The hands are mine and my partner Rose’s. The image on the left was chosen from a beautiful woven baby-wearing wrap Natibaby Ascend.
Henna angel babies w

ResourcesThis ‘angel baby’ was painted with skin safe ink. It lasts a much shorter time than henna, days rather than weeks. These can be used to trial a tattoo that is then permanently inked by a professional tattoo artist. Alternatively they are valued by people who’s work requires that any skin art must be removed easily before their next shift.

2014-06-05 05.29.04