Art Collection: Intimate – as seen on TEDx

Created to accompany my TEDx talk Emotionally Safer Sex. They explore our physical relationship with our own bodies and our partners. The artworks are hand gilded with 24k gold embellishments and show very human, diverse experiences of the joys and sorrows of sex.

*The artwork does not display graphic sex acts, nudity, or abuse and is suitable for viewing by children.

Flyer snip Intimate


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Buy the Art

Available as Classic or Embellished prints, check out my Etsy Store for art available to buy right now, or get in touch to make a request.

Host this Exhibition

Would this exhibition speak to your community? Get in touch and we can work out how to bring it to you. The exhibition is tailored to suit your needs:

  • Up to 8 framed embellished prints
  • Artist’s Talk about the art, giving a TEDx talk, and my personal experiences finding intimacy and connection
  • Screening of my TEDx talk Emotionally Safer Sex
  • A keepsake booklet about the exhibition free for all attendees, with details or your organisation or business as host/sponsor

I can also provide workshops or training about relationships and intimacy.

TEDx Video: Emotionally Safer Sex

‘Safer sex’ can be about much more than preventing unwanted infections. For many people, sexual experiences risk leaving emotional bruises, and sometimes our struggles and differences can make good sex seem out of reach.

Sarah K Reece shares personal stories, beautiful artwork, and practical advice about how seeking to make sex emotionally safer has helped her navigate challenges such as a trauma history, anxiety, queer identity, mental illness, chronic pain, and physical disability.

Here you can see the beautiful gold embellishment on one of the prints, ‘Kindled’

Previous Host: SHINE SA

South Australian NGO providing clinical, counselling, educational, and community support around sexual health, mental health, and sexual and gender diversity.

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