Community Consultation

“If more consultations were like this, I’d be a lot more willing to talk to the government.” – consultee

“You’ve… captured everything, allowing their true voices to come through without unnecessary reinterpreting” – group facilitator

“It’s been good to have someone working as a bridge between us and the system.” – consultee

“You’ve captured so well the voices of the people you talked with. This report is rich with information and suggestions.” – assistant director, government client

“Wonderful experience, followed by the deepest sleep… I have ever had.” – consultee following discussion including experiences of childhood trauma and incest

“I hope we can continue working with you on other programs in the future. Your talent and patience with the children really made our program a success.” – community learning officer, hired me as an artist

Consultation forms the heart of most of my work in some form. It is an essential aspect of organisational function and successful projects.

Informal consultation as ongoing enquiry and feedback is part of all my project development and resources such as peer based groups or support referral directories.

I also design consultation processes to be innovative, highly engaging to those who are not usually interested, valuable to those who have been ‘consulted to death’, and safe when dealing with extremely sensitive topics. I can create a kit of resources, a guide for processes, and training.

Facilitation of consultation is another area I love, whether I have designed the process or am using an existing model. I am skilled at engaging using phone, email, social media, face to face in small or large groups, or pop-up stalls in public settings. I am passionate about the translation of information between settings and communities – supporting government to talk to and listen to communities, staff with managers, organisations with each other. I excel at writing informative reports that accurately capture the feedback.

I am also frequently contracted in my capacity as an artist to help make community consultation more engaging to the public. I have offered face painting, glitter tattoos and other forms of art for consultation projects across South Australia for major projects such as Transforming Health (SA Health), the T2T Alliance (Leighton York Joint Venture), and the DPTI.

Hire me to:

  • Facilitate consultations
  • Design, deliver, illustrate, promote, or train facilitators for consulting
  • Create written materials – guides/manuals, resource kits, training, marketing, or reports
  • Create art at consultations (see here)