Body Painting

Body Paint2b
2 hour designs in Paint
  • Art can be made using any media I work in – Paint or UV paint, Ink, Glitter, Henna or any combination
  • Full or partial body painting: nude, over underwear, or with partial clothing
  • Pregnancy belly paintings, comic-con costumes, fancy dress, Halloween designs
  • Discrete female portrait photographer can be arranged on request
  • Disability friendly, body art can conceal, include, or enhance visible aspects of disability such as mobility aids and scars as you wish
  • Experience your body as a work of art
Christy Body Paint1b
15 min to 30 min designs in Paint and UV Paint
Body Paint3
45 minute design in Paint

Body art takes between 15 minutes to 5 hours, depending on the complexity of the design. If you are planning a photo shoot it is preferable for me to remain present until you have finished the shoot in case touch ups are needed.

Body Paint4
1 hour design in Paint with 2 hour photoshoot