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Poppy and I


If you appreciate my free resources, you can make a contribution, however small, towards my time. It’s so very appreciated!

Money can be sent by Bank Transfer to:

Sarah K Reece
BSB: 085-005
Acc: 24 376 1381

Paypal to via Paypal. This button will set up payment via Paypal or credit card:

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Or you can mail a cheque or money order (please, no cash) to me at:

Sarah K Reece
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South Australia
Australia 5007

Work with me

Get in touch to discuss your ideas, or share my services with folks you know looking for beautiful illustrations, speaking, and project support.

I appreciate your input!

My business is the primary funding source for all my networks. That means I do a lot of face painting and support work to be able to offer free welcome packs, online groups and so on. This Blog is also a big project that I write as a free service to share information about mental health and present a more rounded, human perspective on living with multiplicity, disability, and as a queer person.

I do not allow any form of advertising on this site, so I make no money directly from you visiting or reading here. My primary source of income is actually Disability Support (welfare). But I’m not alone. I have a vast Tribe of amazing people in my life – ranging from the dearest, closest of friends, to people I hardly know and have never met who access this blog or my other online resources. This Tribe is how I do everything I do. They support me with friendship, information, resources, connections, good advice (when asked for, ha ha), donations, proof reading, and so on. I have been able to create and maintain everything I do because of my tribe, because I care about and contribute to their lives, and because they care about me, believe in my projects, and trust me to be respectful, appreciative, and ethical with whatever they offer me. It’s a community.

You don’t have to be part of my community. You are very welcome to access any of the free resources, read the blog, and so on. But if you want to, you can link in.

Thank you so much! ❤