My Writing

“You have captured so well the voices of the people you talked with. This report is rich with information and suggestions, and provides insight to voice-hearing as well, which is so, so important.” – Assistant Director

“Your writing is beautiful, evocative and inspiring—thankyou!” -NGO Supervisor

“Your articles… have saved my life. My partner and I cannot thank you enough.” – Blog reader

“Sarah… has improved my knowledge and understanding enormously… my everyday life with my partner, and my ability to work with people from right across the mental health spectrum.” – Blog reader

“It was worth dealing with 20 yrs behaviorism in the UK to (find) your writing.” – Social Worker



23 reports written for the SA Mental Health Commission following facilitation of community consultations about what is doing harm to people’s mental health in South Australia, what is working well, and what can be done to support people’s wellbeing.

Professional Publications:

  • TheMHS Book of Proceedings 2011: Managing Dissociation, with Cary Nayda, Recommended Reading
  • Mental Illness Fellowship of SA: Factsheets; Introducing DID, and Managing Dissociation
  • Mental Illness Fellowship of SA: Newsletter, various articles
  • World Hearing Voices Congress 2013, Melbourne: Healthy Multiplicity is About Healthy Community Poster
  • The Dissociative Initiative: Website design, Information pages, Welcome Pack
  • The Hearing Voices Network of SA: Website design, Information pages, Welcome Pack