Masking Fluid

I’ve made my first artwork using masking fluid now. It has a different effect from the ink painting I did recently using wax, the edges are sharp and perfectly defined. It’s also considerably easier to apply! But I do like the way the wax interacts with the paper and the ink to give a batik effect. I’ll continue to explore both I think. To work further with wax, I’d like to get a tjanting tool, which is sort of like having a fountain pen that emits melted wax instead of ink. The traditional forms look like this, or there are modern versions like this, that heat the ‘pen’ to keep the wax flowing easily. This is also the traditional way of creating lovely designs on silk, something I’ve not yet tried, but would very much like to.

Anyway! I used the masking fluid to mark out areas I wished to remain white, and painted my image with ink and a watercolour brush. Once dry, I rubbed away the masking fluid, and added fine details with a tiny brush and very light ink. (those details haven’t shown up well in the photo I’m afraid) I’m looking forward to making more art using the masking fluid.

I appreciate hearing from you

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