Butterfly shoes

Work on progress, have started my next pair of shoes. The brief was – black shoes, butterflies, jewel tones. This time I’ve painted the outlines by hand instead of using a sharpie – as my only sharpie is black that would be rather pointless. You can get other colours, including a strong white, which is tempting. But on the other hand I think a white outline would be stark and unappealing. Hand painting works well, it’s just more time consuming. And the pencil outlines don’t show up as well either, so it’s more freehand. I wouldn’t suggest trying black shoes for your first painting experiment!

Here they are, sitting on my printed reference sheet of beetles and butterflies. 🙂

And a close up:

I’m pretty pleased with how they’re turning out. I’m also considering embroidering little beads or accents on in places. 🙂 Because I’m mad!

I appreciate hearing from you

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