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Last year I sold the digital images of three artworks to a group who were putting together a new website called bipolarcaregivers. I love selling pictures of my work instead of the originals! Selling art is completely different to publishing writing. You hand over your baby and someone else walks off with it and never comes back! It’s wrenching! However, on the plus side you no longer have to find room to store it, which is a very handy thing. Either way, I’m more careful these days to document my work and keep a record of what I’ve made. I’m keen to explore the local options for producing high quality prints for sale too, there’s plenty of people who love the images but don’t have the cash to buy originals. At the moment, my art related to mental health is being purchased by professionals and staff, but isn’t really accessible to people with mental illnesses getting by on pensions. Which I’m not happy about.

Back to the website! They purchased three artworks, (click on the links to see them) Netting Stars, Finding Hope, and I see you falling. The last one is echoed by my latest ink painting using masking fluid. Same theme but a different response.

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