I’m going to be a Foster Mum

Hurrah! I am becoming a Foster Mum this Saturday, to a lovely little 9 month old cat named Abbie. She will have just been de-sexed, and I’ve been told she’s very timid and shy and needs some TLC before being adopted. So I’ve been out gathering supplies in readiness.

I’m very excited! I also want to buy a proper cat carrier – too many bad experiences with upset cats escaping from cardboard boxes on the way to the vet! But my budget wont stretch that far this week, and finger’s crossed, I wont need it for a little while anyway. I can’t wait to meet her and find out all about her – which spot in the house will be her favourite to nap? (please, not my art table!) What food does she like most? Does she purr a lot or a little? Does she ‘talk’? What colour is she? I don’t know how I’m going to wait until Saturday…

But, on the other hand, I have an insanely busy week I am already thinking of hiding under my desk about. Tomorrow is really the last day I’m going to have time to get my artwork organised for the Mental Health Week Exhibition. I am not ready! I have to finalise my collection, then arrange framing for it all of it, finish anything that needs a last bit of work – I am notorious for forgetting to sign and date my art – photograph everything, complete the entry form and email it all off. Pfftttt I can feel the late night approaching from here…

I appreciate hearing from you

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