Mental Health Week Exhibition

This post is the first of eight showing this project developing from start to finish.

The final date to submit artwork for this exhibition is this Friday, so I am frantically painting. I have some smaller works, ink paintings and a set of linocuts all done and ready to be framed. But I also have a major project I’m trying to get done in time. As of 4am this morning I’d got this far:

And also sculptured her face, ready to be fired in my oven.
Then, a few hours sleep, and back to it.
I’m just having a break for breakfast and to do my daily post. 🙂 I’ve finished one wing finally. Here she is:

Now I’m going to run off to the shops to buy frames and hanging supplies. By the time I get back that wing should be dry enough that I can fold it up to start on the other wing without smudging the paint. I also have to paint the face, add hair, other embellishments, and mount the whole kite onto a frame for hanging. Hopefully by the end of today. Wish me luck!

See the next step here.

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