Okay, so it goes like this:
Head out the door in confident assumption errands will only take ~1hr max.
Go to Cheap as Chips. Doesn’t have anything I’m looking for.
Go to Bunnings – buy hanging supplies, screws and dowel.
Go to newsagent – buy black card for mounting art
Go to Reject Shop – buy 4 frames – one very long and unwieldy that wont fit in my green bag.
Need milk. Local shops wont accept credit card gah, so go to ATM, lean large unwieldy frame against ATM, take out $20… walk off forgetting frame.
Buy milk, go home, unpack van.
Realise have left large, most expensive frame at shops!
Drop everything and rush back, hoping no one has collected it.
Back at shops, no sign of frame. 😦
Go back to Reject Shop to repurchase frame.
Complain to cashier about buying it again – turns out they have the other one! Issued a refund and sent home with my frame. Hurrah!
Pile back into van, van doesn’t start.
Unpack front seat to check out engine. Nothing obvious wrong. Top up oil. Scrape some build up from battery terminal. Try again – nothing.
Call RAA. Told about an hour wait.
Sit in van in deep gloom. Decide if I go buy something to eat I wont have to break for tea tonight so at least the time wont be a total waste.
Head off to find food. Buy food. Return to van. Discover I have locked keys in van.
Eat tea. Talk myself out of buying David Bowie CD on special at newsagents, mainly because I cannot eat, drink, or immediately listen to it. Instead buy Val McDermid book. Damn.
Read, wait for RAA chap. He arrives!
Van is uncommonly difficult to break into. Stand in rain while RAA chap tries several different methods on both doors. Try not to think of milk sitting on the kitchen floor back home.
He succeeds! Show him how van fails to start. He hooks up jumper leads. Van starts. Turn off van. He takes off jumper leads. Van still starts, with enthusiasm. Can’t tell me what went wrong.
Head home!

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