Scattering Stars

I’ve framed and submitted for exhibition a linoprint series I made in Printmaking Foundation last year at TAFE. The theme was a narrative of any kind. Here they are, all together – the story goes from top to bottom.

I know that’s not easy to see, so I’ve taken a photo of each print individually. Sorry about the quality of these photos, I didn’t think to take them until after I’d framed them, so the reflection off the glass has made things tricky. Here’s the little explanation of the story I’ve included with  my submission to the Mental Health Week Exhibition:

This artwork is in honour of my friendship with my sister. As children we played together at night in the backyard. The world was full of magic and wonder, and our pets were our companions on all our adventures. In the little story, a storm washes the stars and moon from the sky. The little girls collect them and scatter them back into the heavens. My sister still helps put the stars back in my sky after storms.

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