Introducing Abbie

Abbie has arrived at last! I went to pick her up, so decided I did rather urgently need a cat carrier. I was able to get one from Cheap as Chips for only $15, which as long as I don’t drive too much shouldn’t overstress my budget. 🙂 And cat toys! Being a young cat she’ll probably love to play with them.

So, here she is, very sweet and very timid:

But the prettiest little thing! Long white socks on all her feet, white tummy and white face mask. A lovely black striped possum tail, silver and black markings on her back, and lovely copper touches around her ears.

She’s painfully thin and was very excited about dinner. Shivering with nervous energy she’s thoroughly explored the house from top to bottom – the rooms I’ll allow her in. Ever minute or two she comes back to me to wrap herself purring around my legs, then disappears to explore somewhere else. I’d forgotten how much cats like hidey holes! She has found the gap under the computer desk, the space beneath the couch, under the dining room dresser, behind the microwave, behind the washing machine, and, well, you get the picture!

And it wasn’t long before I heard a crash from the bathroom…

She’d knocked over my make up box. Then she disappeared for 20 minutes, generating an increasingly frantic search on my part as I envisioned her somehow escaping through a corner of window screen I’d not noticed before was damaged. Finally found her behind the couch. Oh, the joys of parenthood!

She’s adorable, lively, affectionate and in need of lots of love. Can’t wait until she has a little more fat over those bones and the tummy stitches come out.

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