Update on Abbie

How is Abbie settling in? She is a darling little cat, extremely affectionate. She seems to have no fear of strangers at all and will happily snuggle up with a new person. She is very timid however. Vehicles driving past the house seem particularly to worry her, and ceiling fans to upset her also. The first day she spent about 5 hours hiding behind the couch. The second only perhaps 2 hours. At the moment she’s asleep on my bed, most content. She’s discovered the joys of sitting in the warm patch of sunlight on the kitchen floor.

She’s thoroughly explored every bit of the house, dashing back to check I’m still here regularly.

At night she sleeps on my bed, staying there all night even though I tend to toss and turn a fair bit. She has a quiet little motor but purrs most contentedly. She doesn’t mind being picked up and will stay on your lap, staring adoringly up into your face. If she wants cuddles she follows you around hopefully but doesn’t ‘talk’ much.

Her low weight is worrying me however, she is very thin and having tummy troubles.

 The poor darling has no fat on her at all, her bones along the back and pelvis are very prominent to the touch. I’m having trouble finding food to coax her with. She is not at all interested in the dry cat food. The wet she will nibble but then vomits. So far other treats and tid bits she’s entirely ignored.

I hope perhaps she’s just adjusting to a new brand of food perhaps? If it continues I shall have to consult a vet. She seems happy enough and her coat is in lovely condition which is good. A part white cat for a girl with gothy proclivities is somewhat of a nuisance! She’s moulting in this lovely spring weather and I’ve been picking white cat fur from my clothes and out my paintings. 🙂

The bip on her nose is healing fine and her tummy is looking excellent with no sign of infection or pain. She is just the sweetest, gentlest little critter. Already toilet trained too! Just have to discourage the sharpening of the claws on my rug. 🙂

I appreciate hearing from you

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