Business Card

So I’ve finally ordered some business cards, instead of forcing interested people to write my details down on scraps of paper or the back of their hand! I’ve decided on a two sided card, one in blue and white with my arty details, and the reverse in black and white with my Peer Worker details. You can see the front side here. I’ve paid for the cheapest postage, so they’ll probably take three weeks to arrive. I’ll try to contain my excitement! It’s been a number of years since I’ve needed a business card, and previously I bought packs of make-it-yourself and ran them through a printer or stamped my details by hand. These are going be pretty amazingly professional by comparison!

I was originally waiting until I had myself completely set up with a website etc. But I felt guilty the last time a nice lady was scratching my details onto a scrap of paper and decided to print up what I’ve got now, and print some more when and if I decide to set up other business-y things.

If you’re looking to print your own, I’d recommend Vista Print. If you wait and watch you can usually get 250 business cards free – just be aware that as you’re getting excited ordering free items, your postage costs are accumulating. So check your final costs before placing the order! But you can certainly have a lot of fun playing around with different designs. I do feel that being an artist, I should probably have an artwork on my card… but on the other hand my style is so eclectic that nothing is exactly representative. I like the swirls, they’re pretty but neutral in that respect. I liked one with poppies on it too, but the black and white reverse wasn’t so pretty.

I appreciate hearing from you

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