Abbie is very sick

Abbie is just not improving. Flick and I are making plans to get her to the vet first thing tomorrow if we can find someone to take her. I think she needs to be back on a drip. I’ve been trying to get some water into her today using an eye dropper, but she barely swallows anything, it just bubbles out her nose. I’ve never seen a cat this ill that wasn’t dying, every other starved stray I’ve taken in eats with enthusiasm. I’m very worried about her!

(Flick is the wonderful woman who runs this network of carers I’ve just joined, taking in strays and abused and unwanted cats and nursing them back to health to adopt them out. Her website is here. Abbie is my first foster cat.)

Here she is last night after her bath, all clean and ready for bed:

She likes sleeping in a cardboard box of skirts I keep under my bed, it must feel dark and safe there.

This morning I woke up to Abbie looking like this:

She’s also incontinent, so this morning all the bedding had to go into the washing machine and she was in such a bad state she needed a proper bath not a sponge down.

She hates water but is so lethargic she just lay down in the sink and wailed softly. 😦 I had to soap her up with pet soap to properly clean her fur, her lovely white feet were all stained. Here she is after her bath, I was able to leave most of her back dry, just her tummy, feet, tail and face needed a good clean.

I sat with her in her favourite sunny spot by the back door and dried her off with the hair dryer. She hated all of it but is too tired to fight. It takes about an hour from start to finish to clean and dry her, and at the moment she needs this twice day. Here she is at last, clean and dry and resting:

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