RIP Abbie

I’m sorry to have to tell you that Abbie passed away this evening. I’d arranged with Flick to take her there for the night so she could go down to the vet first thing tomorrow, and Flick had a vet nurse friend coming around to check on her this evening, but Abbie didn’t last that long. Here’s the last photo I took before packing her up to go to Flicks’ home:

Abbie had a huge seizure in the car on the way over. Flick and I sat with her, keeping her warm and talking gently to her and stroking her for the next 2 1/2 hours until she stopped breathing. We’re still very confused about what went so wrong for her. She was a lovely little cat and deserved so much better. But she was warm and clean and very very much loved.

Here are a couple of photos from the days when she wasn’t so ill:

What an absolutely precious little cat.

Then I’ve come home, finally had some dinner myself, cried my eyes out, and watched the Bondi Vet episode I’d taped. Watching Dr Chris Brown nurse a tiny mouse through a huge operation is very comforting after today. For all the terrible people who neglect, starve, abuse and abandon animals, there are so many caring people who give their hearts to every little ragamuffin needing love that comes their way. I’ve told Flick I still want to help out fostering cats. I’ll keep you posted on any developments. 

2 thoughts on “RIP Abbie

  1. Abbie was blessed to have been nursed by Sarah's compassion in her last days on earth but I believe creation and cats 🙂 will be loved and enjoyed when the reality of life beyond death is realised by us all. It is the hope that keeps me going as you process trauma and have days where you dont have your support person available like today. Only my loving Father God can contain and soothe the internal pain and sees the silent tears


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